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Ian Stewart Has been Leading worship all over the World since 2007, and is Currently serving as the worship pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church’s Johnstown/MIlliken Campus. To find out more see the Bio page.

Below is information in Ian’s Worship Band The Generation.

We are the Generation, a band that wants to empower youth to change the church. Music is our voice and scripture is our stepping stone to a new generation.

The Generation was formed August 2010 when a group of Colorado musicians decided to come together to create a musical platform for Christ’s teachings and what is means to be at the heart of worship.  The band includes worship leader Ian Stewart, bass player Drew West, drummer and singer song writer Jesse Spencer and worship leader Devan Bumstead, on electric guitar and vocals. The Generation’s music is  blend of modern worship and original Christian Rock.
Most recently, The Generation led worship for Snowbound, a 500-student youth retreat at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista CO.

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[audio:http://www.taprootdenver.com/ian/wp-content/uploads/01-Salvation-Is-Here.mp3|titles=Salvation Is Here (Hillsong United Cover)]

The Generation, The Generation Music, Snow BOund
Snow Bound 2011
The Generation, The Generation Music, Snow Bound
Snow Bound 2011