Update, Life, Love, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Well Folks I havent really given an update on everything that is going on so here it is.

People News

Yes After a little over a year and a half, Katie and I are getting hitched In August.

Music News

For Those that didn’t know I am working as the Student Worship Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont CO, and I am loving every minute of it. I have been starting the long hard process of writing some worship tunes (which is actually something I have never done before) as those tunes as well as a whole bunch of other ones are going to be put on my first solo album, that I should be starting tracking this winter. I am super pumped about this project, it is going to feature as many of my talented friends as are whiling to play on it and I hope to put out a behind the scenes DVD as well with the album. “The Generation” is still around we are looking to set up some worship nights in the near future so keep your eye for one of those we hope to see you out. Running Five played it’s first show in a little over a year (Big Thanks to LBCC Student Impact in Johnstown, and Johnstown BBQ days for having us out) The band is always changing and evolving but will always be around to have a little fun we have recently added a good friend Ben Hibberd as our new drummer. so as of now that is it would love to connect with anyone out there is the blogosphere so feel free to shoot me and email. make sure to be on the look out for Running Five, The Generation, as well as my Solo project playing on the TOUR page.

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  1. Ahh Im sooo happy for you!! And I haven’t commented in a while but a I was at snowbound the past two years to see you guys, but now I’m in high school and I won’t be there. =( I hope I can cheat and go with the middle schoolers. Haha!

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