Update July 2013

This has been quite a crazy year so far, just wanted to give you a few updates. The Generation is still playing a little our drummer Jesse has decided to pursue music as a full time gig, and was on tour opening for Matchbox 20 and The Googoodolls, for a while, and will now soon being going back out on tour opening for the band Parachute. Be praying for him this is a great opportunity and we are pumped for what this means for him. As for me Work on the new album is going very slow, I have taken a position as the interim worship pastor for LifeBridge’s Johnstown Milliken campus, and I am loving it! its a great community with a very unique style of praise. That being said as things settle down i should be kick the recording process back up, and will be starting a kick starter hopefully at the end of August. Keep and eye out for more updates, and dates for shows on the calendar.

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