The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I am continually on a quest  for inspiration. Sometimes to no avail, after turning page after page of unfinished cheesy lyrics that seem to even drive a creative slump farther down into the pit (where forgotten 80’s tunes, and unsold children albums seem to live). It’s times like these I have too look at the greater picture. Inspiration and creation is not necessarily done in bulk. At times, music just seems to flow out and, in other times, nothing but a word will leave the pen to the page.

But like all good things, it takes time. The other day, while having coffee with a friend of mine, Luc, he and I began to dive into our worlds of song writing. I told him my lyric issue, where everything I wrote down went from one unoriginal overly complicated line to the next. “I try to write a verse and I get one little part I might like.” Luc so wisely looked at me and said “Don’t write verses, don’t write choruses, just write.”

That statement though simple was a verbal-mind grenade. (or as the media’s beloved Charlie Sheen would say it was a “violent torpedo of truth”).  Whether you are a Sheen-fiend or not, it took me back to the basics of  my creative process. It’s not about writing with the hopes of pounding out one smash hit after the other, but writing to develop my self as an artist, as well as truly finding the inspiration that will lead to a completed work. With one word or one line at a time, you don’t have to have a Costco sale of lyrical genius, because the process is as important as the product.


“it’s better to write a simple song, that people enjoy; rather than a complicated song no one wants to hear”- Isaac Jorgensen


A Life of work is something to recognize and this is a video that my friend Dusty shared with me that I have continuously turned to for inspiration. So I thought I would share (click the picture)






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  1. By the way, you should update more so I have something fun to do and read, especially about God and verses(m favorite is Romans 12:1-2

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