The Others Around Us



As people of Faith we try our best to serve the people around us, for some maybe even to much putting them before yourself to an unhealthy level, But i think we forget that we too are the same people we are “trying to help”. For myself asking for help is a hard thing, I try and deal with my own issues on my own so that people don’t have to be apart of my problems. This is an underlying fear A lot of people have I think. we have it so engrained in our heads that we should be the ones helping, that we con’t let people help us; we can;t let people serve us. when the truth is for the majority of us, we need just as much help as anyone else. All of this to say, I am making a commitment, to pray, and to make strives to overcome, the fear of being served by others and i would encourage each one of us to examine our selves and find the areas in our lives that we need help in.


“Serving is an ongoing challenge we experience daily in Christian ministry. But, given enough time, we might come face to face with one of our biggest fears and discover a great truth. It will only be when we have finally learned to graciously submit to helplessness and dependency on others our long battle with sinful pride will be finally won.”-Tom Lawson

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