overflowing cup

As I have gone through my life I have never been a person, who thought they “needed” a mentor. My life has been one of scattered of pride, bitterness, and self-centeredness. All things that could have been helped if I had charged someone with the idea that they could call me out, they could hand me a good piece of humble pie, which is what inevitably God has done (Not to say I am cured of all those things, they will be a life long journey of change). The more and more I look back on my life I realized I have had several mentors of different kinds but not one specific person, who I could unpack the things of life with, transition, pain, large decisions. I have put little things out there to people, but not put my full trust in any person. Now you can look at it, as people will always let you down, which is probably truer than some people would like to admit, but true mentorship aligned with Christ’s message and goal is the only way I think we can truly live the fulfilled life, we were created to live.


The mission of Christ was to pour into people, so they could be filled up, and go out and pour into others bringing glory to His Kingdom. Another more recent discovery about my self is that one of the ways I feel most alive is in teaching, and in guiding people through the lessons Christ has taught me over my twenty-four years of life, which further more made me realize the need for me to get a mentor of my own. Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another man.” We were made to be in community, and we were made to come along side one another, and equip them to come along side other people. I recently attended a leader ship conference in which one of the speakers gave us two questions to ask our selves everyday “who did I add value to today?”, and “how did I add value to them?”  What would our work places, friend groups, volunteer groups, Churches, and teams look like, if everyone asked him or herself these two questions everyday and acted upon them?


But if we are not equipped to come along side others, we can never expect to have a life of adding value to others, which takes us back to my initial point, find a mentor, find a person who can do life with you, and look at your life from an outside perspective.  Then when you are ready and then be that person for someone else. I pray that we have a world full of mentors, and people who are truly seeking to learn from them, so that one day they too can equip the next generation.

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